Around the World in 80 Days Part 2

Theatrephonic has joined forces with Rain or Shine Theatre Company to present a radio adaption of their 2021 Christmas tour:

‘Around the World in 80 Days’ Part Two

Written by Rob Keeves and Jonathan Legg – adapted from the Jules Verne novel.

Directed by Emmeline Braefield based on stage direction by Jonathan Legg


Rob Keeves as Phileus Fogg

Ashley Shiers as Inspector Fix, Spanish Captain and Mr Sullivan

Anthony Young as Passpartout


Pippa Meekings as Amelia Swift and Sister Mary

Featuring Jonathan Legg as the Train Driver

Produced by Cat on a Piano Productions


November by Joey Pecoraro

Sao Meo Orchestral Mix by Doug Maxwell

In the Temple Garden by Aaron Kenny

The Day I Met Her by Esther Abrami

Imperial Forces by Aaron Kenny

Thunderstorm by Hanu Dixit

We Ride! by Reed Mathis

Blue Danube by Strauss

The Theatrephonic Theme Tune was composed by Jackson Pentland

Performed by:

Jackson Pentland

Mollie Fyfe-Taylor


Emmeline Braefield

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