A Crown of Sonnets About My Death

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‘A Crown of Sonnets About My Death’
Written by Nancy Fons – instagram: @a_daily_sonnet

If you want to follow along, the words are at the bottom of the description.

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Lifting Dreams by Aakash Gandhi
Pachabelly by Huma-Huma

The Theatrephonic Theme Tune was composed by Jackson Pentland
Performed by:
Jackson Pentland
Mollie Fyfe-Taylor
Emmeline Braefield

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A crown of sonnets about my death, by Nancy Fons.

Lying sweetly here in my lovers arms,
We watch the sun sink behind mountain tops,
I lay beguiled lost in all her charms,
The world pauses around us and time stops.
Pink fire rages serene in the clouds,
Soft winds whisp silver linings into shades,
As the darkness falls and slowly enshrouds,
The day is all but done and the light fades.
One by one the stars begin to appear,
Patterns of pale dots in the dark skys,
I turn to my lover and draw her near,
Smile as I look into her sweet eyes,
Though this seems as perfect as life can get,
I can’t help but ponder on my sunset.

I can’t help but ponder on my sunset,
What happens to me on the day I die?
It’s not that I worry, panic, or fret,
I just hope I’ll have time to say goodbye.
I hope I leave good memories behind,
Memories that never grow diminished,
I hope they say that I was true and kind,
I hope I leave no poems half finished.
I hope my life will have been full of love,
And that I smiled and laughed ev’ry day,
That I never shirked things I was scared of,
I embraced fear and did them anyway.
I hope I’ll be ready, not scared to see,
What gods will be standing, waiting for me.

In the event of my final demise,
Will Christ arrive in splendour and glory,
Will he judge me for my wrongs, sins, and lies?
Perhaps he’ll admit me to paradise,
And I’ll climb the stairs to the pearly gates,
Angels with harps sing and play and entice,
And my peaceful eternity awaits.
Or maybe he will send me down to burn,
And the devil himself will have his fun,
Maybe demons will torture me in turn,
Forever in fires of perdition.
Will I be judged by Christ? I have no clue,
I wonder perhaps are those tales true?

I wonder, perhaps, are those tales true,
That I heard told upon my grandma’s hearth,
That fairies will come and take me back to,
Bonnie Scotland the brave; land o’ me birth.
Thus guided through caves and roads underground,
And through the fabled lands of Tír Na Nóg,
I’ll make me way northward, back homeward bound,
To the land of mountains, heather, and fog,
And roam forever ‘cross the moors an’ braes,
Drink in the Lochs with a satisfied soul,
Watch the northern lights set the sky ablaze,
Dance in the heather, until time unfolds.
But will fairies roam so south to find me?
On islands in the Ionian sea.

On islands in the Ionian sea,
Old gods are somewhat remembered still now,
Would they have right to lay claim upon me,
If I were to die here someday, somehow.
If I am buried on this land hither,
Will I descend to underworld below?
Will Χάρων take me across the river?
Will I have a coin to pay him to row?
Will I meet Κέρβερος and pat his heads?
Or is he too busy guarding the door?
Will I stand among souls in dank and dread,
All wandering aimless forever more?
Do Fates spin threads, weave the tapestry whole?
I want to know what happens to my soul.

I want to know what happens to my soul,
Or if perhaps the soul even exists,
Is death just nothingness as black as coal?
In my heart hope for more always persists.
If this life is truly all there is to,
Existence and humanity I’ll grieve,
I’ll fade from memory one day, it’s true,
But in my heart I can’t help but believe.
Believe in something, something more than this,
Some immortal future when days run out,
Be it peace eternal, torture, or bliss,
There is something to come, I have no doubt.
I know one day I will be glad to see,
Whoever comes to take my soul from me.

Whoever comes to take my soul from me,
Whether they be Jesus Christ, fae, or fate,
I’ll tell them, all filled with smiles and glee
“I’m sorry my friend, you are far too late,
For I’ve already hidden it away,
And made my own heaven here on this earth,
In a place I hope forever to stay.
Take my apologies, for what they’re worth.
You cannot take it through force, fear, or threat,
My soul is bound here, and forever safe,
So no more will it panic, fear, or fret,
Never will it leave my favourite place;
It’s peaceful, content, and safe from all harms;
Lying sweetly here in my lovers arms.

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