Anniversary Episode – In the West

Third of our special anniversary episodes:
In the West

Bein’ a gunslinger in the Wild West ain’t easy. Listen to the end for bloopers!

Written by Emmeline Braefield
Directed by Lydia Kenny

Pippa Meekings as Alder
And Rob Keeves as Sheriff Dumpus

Produced by Cat on a Piano Productions

The anniversary inspired theme tune was composed and performed by Jackson Pentland

Wild West vocab:
Bazoo: Mouth
Bold face: alcohol (whiskey)
By jing: mild oath
Calaboose: Jail
Come a cropper: come to ruin
Dang my melt: damn me (melt = spleen)
Dee-fool: damned fool
fit to be tied: angry
Geeswax: milder way of saying ‘Jesus’
Go to Halifax: Go to Hell
Hannah: euphemism for God
Hifer: someone that loiters or loafs around
Hobble (his mouth): shut up
Roostered: drunk
Tarnal: Damned
Vaulting House: Brothel
Wagtail: sex worker
Yack: Stupid person

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