TW// This episode contains discussion of suicide, including some graphic content. Lister discretion is advised.
If you are affected by any of the content and feel like you need help, please reach out. UK listeners can use these numbers: 116 123 : 0800 58 58 58 – 5pm to midnight every day : Call 0300 1020 505 – 8am to midnight every day : for people under 35 – Call 0800 068 41 41 – 9am to midnight every day or Text 07860 039967

Written by Tracey Sinclair
Directed by Emmeline Braefield

Martin is forced to face up to his past, as much as he’d like to forget it.

Henry Douthwaite as Martin
Emma Wilkes as Ailsa
Zoe Cunningham as Katrina

Allegro – Emmit Fenn
The Beacon – Zachariah Hickman
No.8 Requiem – Esther Abrama
I’ll Remember You – Jeremy Blake
Boat Floating – Puddle of Infinity
The Quiet Aftermath – Sir Cubworth
Til Death Parts Us – Aakash Gandhi

Produced by Cat on a Piano Productions

The Theatrephonic Theme tune was composed by Jackson Pentland
Performed by
Jackson Pentland
Mollie Fyfe-Taylor
Emmeline Braefield

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